The cosy B&B in the Tampere Region

B&B Kommee Kurki provides you and your family a high quality holiday house accommodation with a natural touch. Our B&B is ideal for 1-6 persons. For booking, we recommend Airbnb or if you want to skip their service fee, to make direct reservation by email. Check the pricing in Prices and booking.

B&B Kommee Kurki is located near several bird lakes in the countryside of Sastamala. The location in Pirkanmaa, the Tampere Region, is handy for different kinds of travelling routes: from Tampere it is 60 km, from Pori 80 km, from Turku 120 km and from Helsinki 190 km.

You have the whole house of 100 m² for you to enjoy at your own pace! There are bedroom, spacious living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a nice bathroom with an electric sauna in the house. At the porch you can cool down after the sauna or hang out with your entourage.

The nearby lake Hanhijärvi is home to cranes and whooper swans so you can admire their impressive overflights until late autumn.

Tree Tent Kommee Kurki provides a unique experience in the pure Finnish nature.

Right next to lake Hanhijärvi there is our Tree Tent Kommee Kurki, which is a rare, private tree tent with thoughtful features like black pot campfire coffee gear. See more in

For more information or to make a direct reservation, call to +358 50 378 9208 or send email to

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